Daily Archives: January 26, 2017

The CDFW’s Trinity River Project 2017 trapping summary through Jan.21 ,2017. Fish continue to enter Trinity River Hatchery at a slow pace this season but Steelhead are increasing. Total combined Chinook did not change from 0 (12/24-12/31) to 0 (1/15-1/21). Total combined Coho did not change from 0 (12/24-12/31) to 0 (1/15-1/21). Total […]

Trinity River Trapping Summary 1/26/2017

Hello Prospective Buyers, We are advertising the sale of www.HumboldtFish.com to those we think would benefit the most from this community based website for anything fish related. This website is multi-dimensional and takes relatively little time to maintain. After many hours of website development, we now spend about 2 hours per week […]

NOTICE of SALE for www.HumboldtFish.com and Affiliated Assets to Highest ...