Abalone season begins August 1-Nov 30, 2014


Red Abalone 

NOTE: New Red Abalone Regulations Are Now In Effect. Please see the news release and FAQ for more information.

The recreational fishery for red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) is open from April 1 through June 30, 2014; and from August 1 through November 30, 2014. The daily bag and possession limit is three abalone, with a maximum of 18 abalone per year. Only 9 abalone may be taken south of Mendocino County per year (Marin/Sonoma County Annual Limit: 9 abalone). Red abalone may only be taken from 8:00 a.m. until one half-hour after sunset. The minimum size limit is 7 inches along the longest shell diameter.

  • No scuba or surface-supplied air is allowed while taking abalone.
  • Free divers and shore pickers 16 years or older must possess a valid sport fishing license.
  • Abalone report cards are required for everyone (regardless of age) taking or attempting to take abalone. Abalone tags are required on all abalone.
  • Abalone report cards and tags are also required on the September 6, 2014 free fishing day.

An abalone tagging demonstration video is available. For more information about California’s abalone, visit the Invertebrate Management Project web page.

For more sport fishing regulation information, refer to the current Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations booklet.

Other Species

See the California Ocean Sport Fishing Regulations booklet for complete regulations, including regulations for species not covered here.

NOTE – CDFW may modify the seasons, depth constraints, bag limits or size limits for any species of federally-managed groundfish, California sheephead, ocean whitefish and greenlings of the genus Hexagrammos. Check this website regularly or call the Recreational Groundfish Fishing Regulations Hotline ((831) 649-2801) for the latest information.

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