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Our goal is to “Provide Anything Fish Related” for the Humboldt County area! 


HumboldtFish.com is an affiliate of Righteous Innovations. We are passionate about the fish industry! Our team has years of fishery experience stretching from the Equator to Alaska and from the East Coast to the West Coast! We are fisherman, biologists, conservationists, writers, reporters, photographers, editors, webmasters, web designers, graphic designers, SEO/ marketing specialists and entrepreneurs. Our hard work ethic, well rounded skill set and passion for fish allows us to think critically, be detail oriented, update technical information, improve website performance, add graphic designs and more!

The Founder is Matthew Smith-Caggiano and graduated from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management (riparian habitat emphasis). Upon moving to Humboldt in 2002, Matt realized the West Coast fishing industry was drastically different than the East Coast. The main difference he noticed was that fishing on the West Coast is highly regulated and many of Humboldt area fish are anadromous! Fishing during low river flows in off-limit areas with improper fishing gear (barbed hooks) and when the fish are not present are just a few variables to fishing in Humboldt County. This is how the idea for HumboldtFish.com originated. We wanted to create one place fishermen and fish lovers could receive all the information they need regarding Humboldt County area’s extraordinary waters!

We hope you find this website helpful, user friendly and appreciate any comments or suggestions!

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(HumboldtFish.com is an affiliate of Righteous Innovations)