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Web Stats Update  (1/1/2014-12/31/2016) 

Total Page Views- 142,241

Total Unique Visits- 74,121

Unique Visits and Page Views (1/1/2014-12/31/2016)


January, 2017

5,678 Unique Visits9,600 Page Views



(includes your logo, information and links to your website)

(up to 6 advertisements per advertising block)

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Local Business Pricing

Rotating Banner Ad- Before Main Content 

$60/ month ($720/ year)

Preferred Size Range 728 x 90px

Rotating Banner Ad- After Main Content

$50/ month ($600/ year)

Preferred Size Range 728 x 90px

Random Sidebar Ad, Equally Weighted-Long

$50/ month ($600/ year)

Preferred Size Range 120 x 600px

Rotating Sidebar Ad-Square

$41.67/ month ($500/ year)

Preferred Size Range 125 x 125px

2 for 1 BONUS!

A free advertisement on applicable Product and Services Pages is included with your advertising subscription!

(i.e. Charters or Guides or Seafood or Gear or Lodging).

Advertising Payment Options


-Advertisement will be listed according to when payment is received and weighted equally if rotating or randomly displayed.

-Banner and Sidebar ads will contain a logo/ image that will be linked to your business website.

-Your advertising subscription includes a free business listing on our recommended local products and services pages.

-Advertising subscription/ payment is for 12 months, paid in advance and starts from the publish date of business information.



-Fill out the Paypal form by clicking on the “Buy Now” button that is located at the top and bottom of the page to submit payment for sidebar or banner placement, please include comments.

Advertising Payment Options


1) is passionate about the fish industry! Our team has years of fishery experience stretching from the Equator to Alaska and from the East Coast to the West Coast! We are fisherman, biologists, conservationists, writers, webmasters, web designers, graphic designers, SEO/ marketing specialists, inventors and entrepreneurs. Our hard work ethic, well rounded skill set and passion for fish allows us to think critically, be detail oriented, update technical information, improve website performance, add graphic designs and more!

2) is locally owned and the only source that “provides anything fish related” for the Humboldt County area!

3) Premium branding and search engine optimization techniques attract visitors that are specifically seeking out the Humboldt area and not distant places! Our website statistics are specific to Humboldt and your business!

4) Summer ocean fishing, Fall Salmon, Winter Steelhead and Springer Salmon are several examples of year round interest!

5) Statistics are showing an upward trend in web traffic, see statistics above!


1) During 2012:

12,782 Resident Sport Fishing Licenses Sold! (

-2,070 Res/ Nonresident 1-Day Licenses Sold!

-28,800 Grand Total Sport Fishing Licenses/ Permits Sold!

2) The population of Humboldt County was about:

-126,518 residents in 2000.

134,827 residents in 2012.

3) Based on 2012 licensee and population data:

-at least 10% of Humboldt County residents (12,782/ 134,827 = 9.5%) are interested in the fish industry!

-10% estimate does not include special licensees or unlicensed tourists and family members who enjoy other aspects of the fish industry such as dining seafood, art, gear, boating, auto and lodging.

-more than 20% of Humboldt County residents could be interested in your business and even more for tourists!

Advertising Payment Options

 See Pricing and Conditions Above.