River Fishing Report 10/20/2014


Reports indicate heavy rain in the forecast this week and should increase river flows that will move some fish upstream.

Monitor current and projected flows on our River Flow page.



Roe, Kastmasters, Kwikfish, Cleos and spinners (Panther Martins and Blue Fox #5) have been working great for steelhead and salmon. Beads are working to avoid hooking up on Trinity River hatchery smolts.



CDFW reminds anglers that a salmon report card is required when fishing for Chinook salmon in anadromous portions of the Klamath basin. See Regulations page for more.


Low Flow River Closures

Sections of coastal rivers that were open last week included:

1)main stem Eel River from the paved junction of Fulmor Road to its mouth,

2)main stem Mad River from the Hammond Trail Railroad Trestle to its mouth and

3)main stem Smith River from the mouth of Rowdy Creek to its mouth.

CDFW shall make information available to the public by a telephone recorded message updated, as necessary, no later than 1:00 p.m. each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as to whether any stream will be open or closed to fishing. It shall be the responsibility of the angler to use the telephone number designated in the sport fishing regulations booklet to obtain information on the status of any stream. See Low Flow Restrictions page for more information.

Smith River

The Smith opened to fishing on 10/15/2014 after rising above 600 cfs and then closed on 10/16/2014. The increase in recent flows should push some fish up river and fresh fish from the ocean.

As of today, the Smith River flow is rising again and is projected to be above 600 cfs for several days with projected weather forecasts.

There were some reports of fish on the lower river, but nothing too exciting.

Klamath River (Lower)

Emergency flows were released from Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River starting on Oct. 4 to prevent fish disease.

The lower Klamath River is catch and release. Reports have slowed down a little but the mouth opened up earlier last week and there were reports of new Salmon entering the river combined with older fish and occasional jacks. Not much action on Steelhead. The recent rain event was not reported to cause much turbidity either and more rain is in the forecast.

Klamath River (Mid)


The upper Klamath River catch quota of 702 adult fall-run Chinook salmon above the Highway 96 bridge occurred around, Oct. 10.

Starting Saturday, Oct. 11, anglers may still fish but can no longer keep adult Chinook salmon over 22 inches. They may still keep a daily bag of three Chinook salmon under 22 inches in the Klamath River above the Hwy. 96 bridge at Weitchepec.

There should be some fish moving up from the lower Klamath River since the recent rain events opened up the mouth earlier last week and there were reports of new Salmon entering the lower river combined with older fish and occasional jacks. Not much action on Steelhead.

Trinity River

Fishing reports are slow on the Trinity River for fresh Salmon and Steelhead. There are reports of many half-pounders throughout the river, where they are normally limited around Burnt Ranch, the recent emergency flow may have caused this to occur.

The release of hatchery smolts is also making fishing more challenging and using beads may prevent hooking them. With more rain coming this week, models are predicting a slight rise in Trinity River Flow near Hoopa that might move some fish.


Trinity River Spawning surveys mapped from Lewiston Dam to Pigeon Point and from Big Bar to Cedar Flat.

A total  of 584 redds and 439 carcasses were surveyed and with a fairly steep increase.


Willow Creek Weir Trapping Summary 

Total combined Chinook decreased from 278 to 172.

Total combined Steelhead decreased from 122 to 69.


Trinity River Hatchery Trapping Summary 

Total combined Chinook significantly decreased from 1653 (Sept. 24-30) to 258 (Oct.1-7) and then increased to 330 (Oct.8-14).

Total combined Steelhead  decreased from 65 (Sept. 24-30) to 18 (Oct.1-7) and further decreased to only 3 (Oct.8-14).

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