Trinity River Hatchery Trapping Summary 11/25/2016

The CDFW’s Trinity River Project 2016 trapping summary through Julian week 46 (November 18).

The Willow Creek Weir is done for the season. CDWF warns the public that there is still some hardware in the river, so those of you who might be floating/jetting by the WC weir site please be cautious, especially in flows less than 3,000 cfs (and especially on the river left side of the river). We will get out there just as soon as we can to get the rest of the T-posts (fence posts) and that one last solidly-installed trap out of there. They apologize for any inconvenience as NOAA-weather forecasts have not been so good and is flow dependent for crew safety.

Fish continue to enter Trinity River Hatchery at a slow pace this season.

Total combined Chinook decreased slightly from 324 (11/05-11/11) to 296 (11/12-11/18).

Total combined Coho increased from 16 (11/05-11/11) to 52 (11/12-11/18) .

Total combined Steelhead increased from 59 (11/05-11/11) to 83 (11/12-11/18). 

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