Trinity River Spawn Survey 10/21/2016

Trinity River Spawn Survey 10/21/2016

Hello All,

The US Fish and Wildlife Service along with the Yurok Tribe, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, US Forest Service, and Hoopa Valley Tribe have another weekly update for our Trinity River mainstem spawn survey.  The full update is posted on the Arcata Fish and Wildlife Fisheries webpage.
This week our crews mapped 300 redds (957 total for the year) in the Reaches from Lewiston Dam  to Pigeon Point. The graph below is clipped from our weekly report (limited to the river upstream of Cedar Flat).

​The seasonal rains have returned to the Trinity watershed.  This precipitation brings welcomed relief to our parched tributaries.  These rains also bring high flows and increased turbidity.  Our crews do their best to complete their surveys, but it is common for downriver reaches to become unsurveyable for short periods following storms.

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